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FPUAnet Delivers Fiber Optic Internet to Airport Industrial Park
Fiber optic internet delivers many advantages to both businesses and residents

Fort Pierce, FL (May 31, 2024): FPUAnet Communications, a division of Fort Pierce Utilities Authority (FPUA), is now delivering lightning-fast internet speeds and top-notch reliability to the Airport Industrial Park.

“Fiber optics offer symmetrical speeds of up to 2 Gigabytes per second (2 Gbps) for uploads and downloads. This increased bandwidth will enable businesses and residents in the vicinity of the airport to thrive in today's digital landscape,” said Jason Mittler, Manager of FPUAnet. “Extending Fort Pierce’s fiber network to Airport Industrial Park is a significant advancement for city growth and expansion,” he added.

fiber optic airport Industrial Park zone

The Benefits of Fiber Optic Technology

FPUAnet delivers fiber optic internet that brings numerous advantages to both businesses and residents. These advantages include:

  • High Speed Connectivity: Seamlessly download and upload large files, stream HD video conferences and access cloud services effortlessly with symmetrical speeds up to 2 Gigs.
  • Reliable Connection: Bid farewell to frustrating internet downtimes! Fiber optic cables are less prone to interference compared to traditional copper cables, ensuring reliable connection.  
  • Enhanced Data Security: Fiber optic technology offers a more secure network connection, safeguarding your crucial business information.
  • Increased Efficiency: Say goodbye to delays and buffering with a high-speed connection that empowers employees to focus on their core tasks effectively.
  • Business Owners: Enhanced Customer Satisfaction Faster internet speeds mean a smoother online experience for your customers and staff while enhancing their overall experience and productivity.

 “FPUAnet's entrance into the Airport Industrial Park demonstrates our strong dedication and commitment to investing in the future development of the Fort Pierce community,” said Eric Peters, FPUAnet Sales Representative. “This new fiber zone will help both businesses and area residents, and establish the region as a center for creativity and economic development, he added.

Ready to Join the Fiber Revolution?

Curious about harnessing the benefits of FPUAnet's fiber internet services? Discover your options within the newly established Fiber Zone at Airport Industrial Park! Connect with our team today by dialing (772) 468 1697 or sending an email to

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